I've Decided. Now I'm Determined.


online I’m hoping to be a ray of sunshine in a virtual world full of thinspos with pictures of girls with bones poking out everywhere. Check out all my pages to learn more about me!

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    A journey to find peace

    1. lovehealth replied to your post: I’m not sure if I will or not, but if … CARLY GNOSIS...
    2. If I ever come back, this is where I'll be
    3. findingthinagain: Okay, I’m done flip flopping. I’m deleting my blog. I’ll leave it up for a few...
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    achieving a healthy soul

    1. I feel like a badass url theif
    2. are you going to make another tumblr or just delete it all together ?
    3. i just saw on twitter you might be deleting ?!? please don't and if you do at least keep this one for the girls who are inspiried about your story and make a new one. we will all miss you way too much :(