Brown Nipple Fetish


Brown nipples are unfairly misrepresented in porn, making many women who have them that color feel ashamed of them and wish for pink nipples. The reality is that only a small portion of women of the world have pink nipples; most Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Mediterranean women have brown nipples while only women from Central/Northern European decent have them pink. Still those are the majority in porn and erotic video and photography. With this blog I want to encourage all women from all over the world to feel proud of the bodies whatever color they are.

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    1. Hi. I just found this Tumblr on a girl’s blog, and I love it. Even made this account, just...
    2. i love feeling pretty even at a size 12 :)Stay chubbyy
    3. I am being more comfortable in my skin and I am loving ithttp://incandescentaesthetic.tumblr.com/
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