Mr. Taggarts Dressed/Undressed MILFS
This here blog is a big old batch of them Dressed and then Undressed MILFS. A little about me. I been a truck driver for over 40 years, since I got back home from the war. Had a lot of gals flash me over the years. I like it when they are flashing truckers for the first time. I can always tell. I been lookin’ around at these here blogs for a spell and I ain’t seen no place that is dedicated to them dressed/undressed type pictures. So I reckon I will start one up and get more famous! Some of these pictures I make myself, some of them are made by my pals, and some are just plain old robbed off that there internet. Thanks for re-blogging the ones you enjoy…that’s what they are here for, to be passed around like the sluts they are! Oh yeah, you better damn well be 21 to look at my sluts.

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