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I like to see guys freeball in their sweats and basketball shorts. The bigger the dick, the more it moves. I also like up-shorts shots. I like to see the cock move about like a windsock whether in pants or while being fucked. All materials are found on the interenet or was sent to me through an email…I do not own anything on this blog except the photos that I take and they are labeled as such

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    Freeballing LA

    1. I can't ever freeball because I just walk around with a raging hard on. How in the world can you get around that?!?
    2. I work at a hotel in the pheasant capital, currently it's hunting season so we have hundreds of married men coming to get away from their wives and kill some birds. Opening day I was taking trash out and this guy was freeballing in these hot silky black basketball shorts, he was swinging all over the place. I couldn't stop staring. He saw me and kept jiggling it before I noticed he saw me. Later that day he went for a jog, he rubbed it against the glass door and smiled, never saw him again :(
    3. Freeballingla.tumblr.com
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    1. jockdays: Young studs, hung jocks, and thick cocks ...
    2. Could you handle all that cock?
    3. Twink riding a thick bareback cock