The love of large labia

A blog devoted to those of you with large labia who may be seeking a little reassurance. We’ve already made a huge difference to helping women with larger lips realise they’re totally normal. Submit a photo of your lips (as much or as little as you feel comfortable with), tell us about your lips and your own personal thoughts, ask a question, and be part of showing those with gorgeous large lips that there’s nothing to worry about at all. Let’s spread the news that large lips are wonderful. Send any submissions to lovelargelabia@hotmail.co.uk You can be as anonymous as you wish and everything is treated with discretion and respect. 18+, NSFW, Certify 18+ with submissions.

  1. I am so Insecure about my labia and i have scheduled an appt. with a surgeon to have him look at them...just an appt., nothing in stone. I am married, my husband loves me, he has never complained about my labia or hood or anything, but I have suddenly become obsessed with my labia nd the way it ooked when i was younger before i had my daughter. I am 36 and I really don't think I have an "ugly" vagina, but I really wish it was prettier. I feel like the lips get in the way of my sensation some.

  2. Hi, I'm 23 and I've got a pair of very long inner labia. Sometimes when I sit, my lips get painfully pinched between my legs. It's embarrassing to have to squirm around to fix it. I was worried that my labia were unnaturally stretched because of this pinching, and my self-esteem has suffered greatly for it. I did an internet search to see what causes stretched labia, and instead I ended up here. I cannot even begin to thank you for showing me I'm not gross down there...