Hot Wife Photos


Husband who fantasizes about sharing his wife with a stud (or studs.) I post pictures of wives and girlfriends with more than one guy and imagine it’s my own wife in the photos. NSFW. 18+ only please. I do not own any of these images. If you’re in one of them (wow!) and would like it removed please contact me. Happy … reading and feel free to ask me questions. Would particularly like to hear from women who have, are considering or fantasize about doing this.

  1. I have been in relationships or call it arrangements for about 8 years. I have been fucking the wives of 2 friends continually. I can have a wife nearly as often as I like. If I haven’t been there for a week then I get a call to see whats wrong. The two couples don’t get together only me with them. I can have the girls by themselves or as a three way. We are all happy so why change. If one of my friends goes away on business they make sure I am around.