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Husband who fantasizes about sharing his wife with a stud (or studs.) I post pictures of wives and girlfriends with more than one guy and imagine it’s my own wife in the photos. NSFW. 18+ only please. I do not own any of these images. If you’re in one of them (wow!) and would like it removed please contact me. Happy … reading and feel free to ask me questions. Would particularly like to hear from women who have, are considering or fantasize about doing this.

  1. On Monday nights I pick up my wife from her lovers hotel. They have dinner and drinks so she can’t drive and would have to stay there all night. He’s her old boss where she worked before and has been doing her for years. He stays in town one night a week. I know him but don’t go in. She is always very happy when she gets in the car and ready for more then but mostly I make her wait until we are home. I don’t see a problem with it, she seems to need it and I never miss out.

  2. Having wrote "the waiting is tough", just want you to know I hope you get what you want too. The point I was trying to make is sometimes no matter how much we "wish" and plan out steps, she will never do it. Or my case after twice refuse more. To another point I was trying to make is once you see your wife with another and you realize that you do indeed like it you soon know that once or twice is not enough. Compatibility becomes the key. Frustrated I now look for "something" to hang my hat on.

  3. Why restrict either a man or woman to one partner. If the relationship is strong it is natural that you both want the other to enjoy life and different experiences. We had done that for years. If my wife or me sees someone either wants to have then do it. We had one now friend who has been fucking my wife for 10 years. We probably on see him 3 times a year. But when we do its usually a couple of days and its full on. He knows what he is going to get, she knows and I know and we all enjoy it.

  4. We both love this. We now have a friend Rick, he owns a stretch limo service. We met when we hired him once. Some nights he picks us up. She wears a light coat and heels. I drive and he’s in the back. He licks her, she sucks him and then he fucks her. I watch in the mirror and on the camera. Then we swap and he drives. I clean her up and fuck her, then home. She walks from the car inside only wearing heels. He usually leaves then. We see him often for more but love the car ride.

  5. About “The waiting is tough”. Getting her to have sex with someone else alone is a natural and common progression. It went that way for us. I thought watching Carla with another man would be the ultimate but then my wants changed and she was also ok to move up a gear. She now has had a threesome with 2 guys and not me. I was really charged waiting for her return and what she told me. Our sex after was magic. She comes home after that and wants me more, thats my Carla.

  6. Big mistake. It took a long time to convince her and finally with plenty of drinks we took a young to our hotel room. It was good and so was he. He fucked her good, 3 times to my 2. Next day she was never going to do it again. Once was enough. She said I had had my thrills. But by that night she wanted to find him again. This time I took photos on the phone. Showed her next day and she exploded. Said I made her cheap. I deleted them. That was 18 months ago. Now trying to convince her again.

  7. Met my wife while casually fucking her sister. She married after us but never lasted. She wanted children but missed out. My wife suggested that I father one for her. Friends knew that I had fucked both sisters. I got bold and agreed only if my wife have a MMF with another guy. She eventually agreed. Have had 3 different guys. Now settled on one when we want him, about once a month. The sister knows nothing of this. She had her child and pregnant again. I fuck her regularly. My wife insists I do