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    1. I have only told my closest friend that I may be a lesbian but now I am almost certain I am bi preferring same sex. I am only 13 but I have found interest in girls rather than boys recently and need help. My family have no idea of my change in sexuality as they have assumed I am straight. I feel as though I need to tell my other friends who I know will not judge me. I am going into year 7 next year into a school with my close friends but can't figure out how to tell them. Please help!
    2. Hey,I kinda need advice. I'm gay but I don't think I can tell anyone especially my male friends because they're well immature. I'm slightly afraid that they won't be my friends afterwards. Even worse, I have feelings for one of my friends who doesn't treat me as well as the others. My friend's cousin is gay and although he hasn't spoke to me directly (social media), I feel a bit of confidence that someone wants to help me. But he's 17 and I'm 14. I don't want people to think of me differently...
    3. Im gay and 14 turning 15 and i still hav'nt found a bf yet can u give me advice on how to get one???
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    Everyone is Gay

    1. Would you like to be one of our Fall Interns? We are looking for...
    2. "My 13-year-old recently told me she's bi. My husband and I are both totally cool with it, as is our 11-year-old son. The problem is my family. I'm worried that my dad and his wife are going to react badly. I'm close to my dad, but I would do anything to protect my kids from getting their feelings hurt. Any advice on how to talk to him about this? I just want to protect my little girl's feelings, ideally without having to distance myself from my dad."
    3. everyoneisgay: Beyond grateful and touched to have the support...