show your vagina!

Purpose of blog: Many girls are uncomfortable with their vaginas, along with myself. So I thought there should be a place where we could embrace our vagina lips, big or small! And what better place than Tumblr? :D Rules: - Must be 18+ to submit. - include age in submission - tell us what you like/dislike about your vagina (optional) submit

  1. I found this place by mistake when I was looking up a medical reason for someone born without inner lips. I have been single and alone for 7 years and have not allow anyone to look at or try oral with me because I think there is something wrong down there. I looked at the pictures on here and read the comments, and it dawned on me that what I am seeing are women just like me, who think something is different but who are totally normal. Thank you all for helping me feel better about what I have.