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    1. New Thing: Play 9 Holes of Golf
    2. I’m Sarah Von Bargen and I’d love to help make your life online more fun, more profitable, less overwhelming and – yes – more awesome. CATEGORIES GUEST BLOGGERS SMALL BUSINESS ADVICE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG SOCIAL MEDIA UNCATEGORIZED PRESS GREATEST HITS photos-in-twitter-feed 3 Little Tweaks That Are Making A Big Ol’ Difference don't-read-the-comments 7 Crazy helpful links for bloggers + creatives + small business owners 7 Time-Saving, Money-Making Posts For Bloggers + Businesses 8 Things You Can (and Should!) Do When Business Is Slow
    3. Mini Travel Guide: Zambia
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    1. Living the Simple Life
    2. How to Be Prepared for Anything
    3. Turn Toward the Problem