She likes to suck it.


I’m a grrl. I’m a grad student. I serve drinks. I ride a motorcycle. I’m somewhere between tomboy and femme, love to travel, and make a deadly dirty martini. Ever since my first time doing it in a cabin in the British Columbia woods, I love to suck cock. Blow. Give head. Fellate. Have penis in my mouth. My friends have no idea just how much I like it. I like it… a lot. And I’m wet just typing that here. And I like porn. In my porn, I like watching other women suck dick too. Nice, thick, handsome, juicy dick. And this is my tumblog devoted to my secret.

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    1. I am definitely a sexual being…it is 99.999% of who I...
    2. Fuck me…this picture has me longing for a taste of your cum…I so...
    3. Thought I would reblog of few of my gif series for you…;0
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    Male Ejaculation...On Women

    1. Sperm overload
    2. Chick get s majorly cummed
    3. Kagney Lynn Karter gets her biggest facial ever
  1. Well, thank you. Many people here come for the nice sucky pictures. Others might like the snarky comments, the depiction of a strong and classy woman. What I also like here is how you bring up in me (and, I'm sure, countless others) the desire and the means to be a better man. If you wrote a book "How Not To Be An Asshole : A Guide For Young Men", I'd buy the shit out of it. Many of us need that book (and yes, it's fucked up that we do).

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