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    1. Hi again, I'd just like to thank you for your post answering my question (femdomhotwife...). It's given me more of an insight into your world and the thought processes behind it. I see now that's there's more going on under the surface than I believed. Although, I don't think it's for me, I still find your lifestyle and explorations fascinating and your eloquent writing helped me gain a measure of greater insight. So, thank you again, and I'm sure you'll find that perfect someone. Good luck mate
    2. Hi, your blog is fascinating reading. I'm also sorry to hear about your break up. I'm sure you'll find someone new to start again with. If I may. I have a question. Recently I've been reading the femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial tumblr account. It seems different to yours as the husband really does not seem to enjoy nor want it. To me, it seems more like abuse and cruelty. I'd like to get your perspective on it. Keep your chin up, you'll find what you want.
    3. Hi there. i haven't been by in a while, at least a month apparently, and was shocked and sad once I did. I'm very, very, very sorry to hear things have gone the way they have and that your ex chose not to communicate honestly at a point where things might have been adjusted and saved. I've had similar issues though not as bad and mine have felt quite bad enough. Please hang in there, give yourself time, and try to not let her destroy your interests/ruin your 'fun'.