Circumcision Nation

A photo collection of circumcision related photos, videos and commentary. This blog is for adults. Please go elsewhere if you are not legally an adult. While there is nudity, I do not intend to put images of sexual activity. The images here are grabbed from various parts of the net. In cases where there is nudity, there is an assumption that these are legal models in the photos. I make no claims to any images. If you discover your content on here and want it removed, please let me know. I will remove it immediately.

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    1. Le tableau des amitiés et des rivalités du Proche-Orient
    2. Tarifs sociaux de l’énergie: depuis quatorze ans, on se moque des pauvres
    3. Crashs d'avion: la loi des séries n'existe pas
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    1. creativerehab: Love seat. Lo-res 120 film scan.
    2. // first meeting //
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