Why we love women


This is a collection of images, videos and thoughts of some of the reasons we really love women. It is for adults only so you must be 18 or older if you are going to follow me or Tumblr will be notified and you will be blocked. I love women of all shapes and sizes, and especially those with a kinky side. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to submit feel free. If you see a photo that is your and want credit or would like it removed just ask. Enjoy.

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    1. On duty !!
    2. With baby white!!!
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    1. Add aku kat WeChat. Bubuh laa gmbr sendiri. Yg prgi bubuh gmbr enjin kereta tu mcm laa aku nk accept.Tah pape! -_-
    2. @_kidrauhl7 pehal tak tido haaaaaaa hahaha . add wechat boleh ? ohhsix
    3. emMMh iktn nanya doNg we chat aq knp gx bza bwat krm pesan kalo bwt temN yg bru d add y dy krm pesan suara tp ... http://t.co/RqWKh4seSf