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I’m Natalie. I’m a femboi. I like to dress slutty and show off for your fapping pleasure. Please subscribe! With the extra income, I can buy more slutty outfits and dedicate more time to making new content! Small : $5.00 USD - monthlyMedium : $10.00 USD - monthlyLarge : $20.00 USD - monthlySugar Daddy : $50.00 USD - monthly Some things about me: + I love huge cocks. + I love receiving anal. Whether it’s from a nice fat cock or a huge dildo (strap-ons included), I love the feeling of being stretched open and pounded hard. + I love sucking dick. I could do it for hours at a time. It’s amazing. + Obviously, I love cum. Especially swallowing it, but taking it on my face or in my ass is good too. + I’m obsessed with female ass. I like licking asshole, the way it smells, having a girl sit on my face, being smothered, pretty much anything to do with booty. + I am a complete, 100%, TOTAL bottom. I want men to put their cocks in my mouth and ass and not the other way around. If you’re a guy, I probably won’t want to fuck your butt unless you’re a trap. + I’m not on hormones, but I wanna be. I have some fetishes and kinks: + Feminization (obviously) + Chastity / Orgasm Denial / Ruined Orgasms + Assplay / Anal / Pegging + Facesitting / Smothering + Ball Busting / Ball Abuse / CBT + Bondage / Caging / Mummifcation + Submission / Slavery + Nosehooks + Breathplay + Femdom + Maledom

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  1. I am a dominant woman who travels the country quite extensively. I have many male partners, a couple of boyfriends where I live, and it's basically an open relationship with all of them. You, however, requested that if there were any dominant women looking to snag a sissy cuckold, to give you a message. Here I am, and I'm messaging you. I don't think I'd mind taking you home with me the next time I'm in Little Rock. What do you say, bitch? Want to be Mommy's pantied pillowbiter?