Their Own Moms

Welcome to Their Own Moms! A blog that’s mostly about guys doing naughty things with… well, their own moms. Yes, this is one of those damned dirty incest blogs. If you want to turn back now, I’ll understand. I’m a pretty normal guy, but I happen to be madly in love with my mother. I’m not ashamed about it — I don’t think anyone who knows her could possibly fault me. But I’ve never told her because I don’t know how she’d react. We’re very close and even though I’d like us to be a lot closer, I don’t want to make things weird and run the risk of harming our relationship. I just moved back home with her after finishing college and I started this blog to hopefully keep myself sane. I needed an outlet to express my fantasy, and since I can’t express it to Mom I do it here by making dirty gifs and talking about it. If that interests you, feel free to hang out. If you couldn’t already tell from all the naked women and cumshots, this blog is strictly for adults. It’s also NSFW unless you work someplace awesome where such perversity is actually acceptable.

  1. Re the multiple moms fantasy storyline : hi again, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to trouble you again, but I just find this theme so wonderfully erotuc. Maybe I should have been more specific before - how many couples do you imagine there to be in the group? who do you imagine the instructor to be? what positions do you imagine? I guess one couple might be asked to demonstrate a new position? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work :)

  2. I recently came home from college and the first thing i noticed was all my dads stuff was gone(parents got divorced) and the second was my high school football jersey was missing from my closet, nothing huge mind you but it was strange, about a week later my mom asked if id watch the dogs for here while she went out of town on business, so i said yes, and this morning while i was trying to find where he ran off to i found my jersey under my moms bed in a box with her dildo, what should i do?