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A 44 year old married bi guy’s collection of random pics and vids and shit. I don’t claim copyright to items posted, except for self pics or as otherwise indicated. If it’s yours and you want it down, message me and I’ll remove. Warning: This is an adult blog - be of legal age in your jurisdiction otherwise get your ass lost. And unless you work in a porn factory, this stuff is all NSFW. var sc_project=6729675; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="93f140d5"; var sc_text=1;

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    1. holographing: my ideal lifestyle is living in a house with a squad of baes and we do each others...
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    Men of short stature

    1. mancumwhores: cute little guy… great bouncy tits…those little...
    2. HELLS YES
    3. extra-ordinary-men: From the net.