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a personal style blog with outfit posts and style inspiration written by a california girl with a love for everything vintage. based in the san francisco bay area.
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Just an Irish girl who loves fashion and anything vintage!follow my blog

Lykot Lifestyle

Lykot is a term that describes an upper body clothing item with a short upstanding collar. Visit us at: www.lykot.com for more info.

Sofia Marttila

Young fashion lover from Finland. Studying Fashion Marketing in London and enjoying browsing visually attractive pictures.

Anita Wheeler

My name's Anita and Sunday Girl is the blog. I post about anything interesting and quirky so have a look through Sunday Girl and tell me what you think! Do us a favor and follow my blog too! Xx


We are Vanessa Cockburn and Maya Lund and we do womenswear.

Fashion Musings Diary

Daily outfits and inspiration: welcome to my sartorial world!

Roman Garcia Castillo

Abogado gcr_007@hotmail.com http://www.facebook.com/gastillo

Samantha Mariko

Blogger at Letters Impromptu. From southern California, now located in Tokyo, Japan! Musician & model.


Swoon for the Moon is a blog full of life, fashion old & new, travel, literature and art written by a technical theatre artist and prop maker.

Millicent Thomas

16 year old film and lifestyle blogger x



Chelsie Taylor

Aspiring fashion and beauty Journo. Bindi enthusiast and all round quirky object seeker .

Nuria Garch

Geography, Urban Planner, Interior Designer, Web Editor, Fashion Marketing Comunication and Blogger ♥


Just an ordinary teenage girl from Scotland who loves to blog so hop on over to my blog give it a read and a follow ✌️✌️


I am a self-proclaimed writer and model. I am a frustrated dancer and singer. I ♥ exploring the world of fashion.

Kristen Tanabe

I love tulle, velvet, and statement necklaces, but I am in love with finding unique pieces I can add to my wardrobe

Douglas Vincent

Custom specialty clothing apparel and accessory company

Stacey De Leon Padiernos

A fashion and travel blog, written by graphic designer Stacey Ann Loves in San Francisco, featuring her personal style, travels, and features of great local staycations.

Ellis Emmerson

hey :), im ellis and i live in glasgow , i love beauty, fashion ,writing and reading blogs and watching youtubers. Please follow my blog http://ellisemmerson.blogspot.co.uk/


beautiful and stylish. e mali milenaivic41@gmail.com instagram milenamimi93


I drink way too much coffee and spend way too much time on the Internet.

Krystal Abucayan

A personal blog about the life of a woman who's decided to play house for the rest of her life and likes to write about stuff she likes. p.s. This is my profile...now follow my blog :)

Marie Hollesen

A blog about fashion and my lifestyle


Fashion + Fiction = Form / Function I'm a lover of fashion, design and the arts. This blog showcases inspirations, interviews and feature stories on the things I love.

Jessica Louise Flavèll

17 year old English fashion student, stuck living in a town too small to handle. Fashion and style is my passion, follow my blog and you'll find out more...

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