A Little Bit Of Britaly


I’m a bit of a mix. A mongrel, some less flattering people would say have said. But I love it. My dad is Italian and Polish and my mum is a mix of English, Irish and Scottish. This is the cause of rather a lot of fiery tempers, strong opinions, a lot of passion, determined work ethic and a whole lot of love. Believe me. Italian and British. I feel that these two great nation’s food can compliment each other. I love it. And I guarantee that if you’re a stickler for British cuisine but have a little adventure in your blood, you’ll love it too.

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    made by mary

    1. Stenugnsbakat Kumminbröd :: Stone Oven Baked Cumin Bread
    2. Mandelflarnsrullar med Marängsmörkräm :: Almond Lace Tuiles with Meringue Buttercream
    3. Att Upptäcka de Goda Stunderna i Vardagen & Unna sig en Långfrukost :: Discovering the Great Moments in Everyday Life and Enjoying a Long Breakfast
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    Yellow lemon tree

    1. Pompoen smoothie (pumpkin spice smoothie)
    2. Zoete aardappel stamppot met geitenkaas & rucola
    3. Havermoutrepen & wel of geen voornemens?