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This blog is NSFW and for over 18 years of age. I like pictures of good looking guys, just like everybody else. My taste runs more towards the amateur pics rather than model shots, but i like a wide variety of guys. Let me know what you like, or if i’ve posted something i’ve shouldn’t. I love hear!ing from people, it helps kill the crushing boredom of life Feel free to submit something you like, email is [email protected]

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    Guys Next Door

    1. Jock
    2. Sleepy Cowboy
    3. Beach Tats
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    For The Love Of Man

    1. Santi Millan Naked In Film Amor Idiota
    2. Sex Pistols Sid Vicious In His Underwear Rubbing His Uncut Bulge
    3. Sid Vicious From The Sex Pistols Naked With His Uncut Dick