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  1. I just took the #dermelectchallenge and color me impressed! You might be asking yourself what the challenge is... Well Dermelect bet that you can finish your whole manicure in 20 minutes! I know I can do a whole manicure in 20 minutes! I've got tons of practice I didn't expect the nails to be dried to the touch 10 (TEN!!!) minutes after I had started to paint my nails. From the moment I started painting to the moment they were dried to the touch 10 min! I followed the instructions provided: 2 coats of Dermelect nail polish (in this case Fant-A-Sea, from the spring collection) 2 coats of the Memento Manicure Extender Top Coat, allow to dry for at least 8 minutes And finish with a touch of Revital-Oil for your cuticles and nails. After 20 minutes my nails were dried!!! I could t even make a dent! I am impressed! It has surpassed my expectations, so much so that I couldn't wait to share it with you all. #presssample #Dermelect #spring #10minutemanicure #20minutemanicure

  2. #PressRelease from @Barielle BARIELLE INTRODUCES BLING IT ON GLITTER COLLECTION FOR SPRING 2015: NEW YORK, NY (SPRING 2015) — Barielle’s Bling It On Collection features some truly fashion forward, dazzling color combinations of glitter. These vibrant glitters are perfect worn alone, or they can add an exciting dimension to a manicure when worn as a top coat, french tip or reverse french! Sea Urchin - A Sea Foam Green Glitter Angel Dust - A Sheer Iridescent Glitter Shooting Star - A Metallic Blue/Purple Glitter Golden Halo - A Gold With Pink Glitter Amethyst - A Purple Glitter #Barielle #glitter #gold #blue #purple #blue #pink #glitter #nailpolish #comingsoon #spring #nails

  3. #PressRelease from @Barielle. Even more glitter! BARIELLE INTRODUCES GLITTER MANIA COLLECTION FOR SPRING 2015: NEW YORK, NY (SPRING 2015) — Barielle’s Glitter Mania Collection feautres an exciting fashionista assortment of glitter colors. They add a “wow factor” to any manicure and inspire all sorts of nail creativity. Perfect when used alone or as a top coat! Confetti - A Multi-Colored Sprinkled Glitter Princess Pink - A Sparkly Pink Glitter Gemstones - A Multi-Colored Glitter Orange Flame - An Orange Glitter Mermaid’s Fin - An Aqua Iridescent Glitter #Barielle #glitter #orange #aqua #pink #glitter #nailpolish #comingsoon #spring #nails

  4. I'm sure you've been seeing this tonight on your feed. Broadway Nails has taken The Polished Okie's intellectual property. #Repost @thepolishedokie with @repostapp. ・・・ Contrary to what many people may think, I don't do what I do to receive free polish. I don't do what I do to gain followers or likes. I paint my nails and take pictures of them because, as a mom, it's quite literally the only thing I do for myself. This "hobby" of mine has always been something I loved, and as of last Friday, I lost that love. Every ounce of respect I had for the professional nail world is gone. It's disheartening that a worldwide nail corporation thinks it is ok to troll OUR nail pages to find what is popular and take those designs. This #imPRESSnails situation has angered me. It has hurt me. To #broadwaynails, I'm just some crazy nail lady in Oklahoma who spends hours upon hours on each manicure, but was a moron who didn't copyright her work. Guess what? That's how they view YOU too. How can they work with other IG nail artists to design for them, but fail to contact me before printing my design onto their press-ons? Email is still a thing...right? Am I flattered they took my design? No. The path they chose to take is far from flattering for all parties involved. They assumed I was ignorant enough to take advantage of, so I am doing the only thing I can right now: using my voice. Guys, this is NOT ok. This is blatant stealing, and I won't be quiet about this. I'm not just some crazy nail lady...I'm a fighter. Consumers need to know who they're giving their hard-earned money to. FEEL FREE TO REPOST. @bwaynails @kissproducts #fakenails #pressonnails #imPRESSAccent #imPRESSmanicure #imPRESSmoment #KISSproducts #KISStrendingnow #broadwaynails

  5. #Repost @badgirlnails with @repostapp. ・・・ So I just read a post by @thepolishedokie about how imPress press on nails (owned by Kiss Products) ripped off one of her designs to make a set of fake nails. Then I went to their page and saw THEY'VE RIPPED MY DESIGNS OFF TOO Seriously. The exact same design, from the colors to every last line and dot. Yes, nail artists post their work on public forums for the public to see, but there is a HUGE difference between a random person copying a design without credit versus an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY doing so, and making a profit off of it. That's like an artist posting a drawing online and a clothing company taking this drawing and selling it on t-shirts without consent or compensation. They should absolutely know better. This has happened MULTIPLE TIMES to many bloggers. And it's time for it to stop ⛔️@bwaynails @kissproducts, it's time for you to show some professionalism. Whoever is responsible must be held accountable. Until then, please do not support this company or their shady practices #impressnails #kissproducts #plagiarism #notimPressed