Confessions from the Dollhouse


I have a confession… I’m a hypochondriac, a walking condradiction, drama queen, over analyzer, vintage lover, internet researcher, wanna be writer, yelp elitist, dita von tesse idolizer, AM radio listener, life time movie watcher, list maker, vegetarian, question asker, answer seeker, authority challenger. I live in a dollhouse! Enjoy my confessions…. Email me at: dollfaceddarling at aol dot com

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    London Model Life

    1. Riding Helmets Are Tested By The Safety Equipment Institute Sei According To Standards Set By The American Society For Testing And Materials Astm .
    2. No Matter What The Holiday, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Christmas Or Retirement Gift Ideas, Harley Davidson Has Gift Ideas For All Occasions.
    3. Harley-davidson Women's Faded Glory Boot These Harley-davidson Leather Faded Glory Boots Have A Rubber Sole, And A 6 Inch Boot Shaft.
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    cheshire kat

    1. march goals
    2. downtown food & wine fest
    3. friday favs: so cold