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Just sharing some of my favorite erotic images I’ve collected. Most have a groupsex, swingers, hotwife feel to them, although some images with office sex, blind folds, back seats of cars, etc also are of interest. I have a preference to Amateur/homemade images - nothing hotter than a true MILF going for it with gusto. As an artist I occasionally repost something that just strikes me even if it is outside my normal range of interests - just because it looks interesting or strikes a chord with me artistically. None of these images are my own work nor do I make any claim to them. Seriously NSFW and 18+ only please

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    Hotwife Compendium / AfterDark Apparel

    1. Working hubbies cock in her mouth while she gets a pounding from...
    2. Hubby presenting his wifes ass and pussy to the bar pick up they...
    3. Hubbys about to watch the show of his life as his wife goes down...
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    Swingers Lust

    1. Tim: Feeling his big cock slide inside you…
    2. Susan: Pictures like this make me wanna go to Cap d’Agde...
    3. Susan: I want you to fuck me like this on a public beach :)