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This blog contains adult content and is only suitable for those 18 and over. Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique which is a combination of theTaoist multi-orgasmic man (where the man does not ejaculate most times he has sex, but he learns to orgasm without ejaculation), Tantric Sex, and mild female erotic power (she controls when and what sex takes place, and she decides when he may ejaculate - which may be many days away). You can learn more at DevotionalSex.com This blog is a collection of photos (reblogged from elsewhere) which I have interpretted as showing Devotional Sex in action. The Devotional Sex interpretation is that the woman is always in charge, and is thus playing with her Knight, being pleasured by him, or pleasuring him. Of course what was really happening when the photo was taken might be very different. I hope you enjoy my blog, and that perhaps it inspires you to try Devotional Sex. Almost all these photos have been taken from other Tumblr blogs. I assume that everyone is over 18 and that it is legal to reblog. If you think a photo should be removed please contact me via the “Ask me anything” button below.

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