Tinee is a person born on 1993 who adores the 1960’s music. She often sleeps late at night and usually wakes up in the afternoon when she has no classes. Tinee usually finds happiness in portraiture photography, short films, eccentric fashion, colored pens, unique finds, night swimmings, lengthy walks, crazy friends, late-night hangouts, long phone calls, morning greetings and sweet messages. Her fear of getting hurt made her decide to stay away from worries, fights, insecurities and doubts; she believes that fighting someone is downright moronic. She’s not a phenomenal kind of being that can take your breath away but I tell you she’ll be the first person you’ll notice in a tongue-folding competition. (I am serious. She can fold her tongue in more ways than one can shake a stick at!) Tinee created this blog for her future entertainment and also, for you (yes, I am pertaining to you reader) to see the other side of her. Navigation:▲ Photography ▲ Pictures of Me ▲ Reblogs / Current Status ▲ Replies to Tumblr Asks ▲ Archive Links: {Twitter} {Facebook}{Tumblr ask} {Vimeo} {Online portfolio} All photos © Tine Cruz unless otherwise specified. Please do not steal them, use without permission, or make a profit out of them. For inquiries, kindly email them to cruztinee@yahoo.com. nuffnang_bid = "a409bebe4b13915922cf875aacdec664";

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    1. Arashiyama November 2014 Part 2 - Sagano Bamboo Forest, Okochi-Sanso Villa
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    1. Ready for Delivery! Free shirt for every order. #Ayonggraphics...
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