Raw Femme


Raw Femme is the brainchild of a girl who was more interested in learning how to tie a tie rather than apply mascara. With a closet full of colorful heels to match her colorful neckties, it became obvious the message she was trying to portray. Women wear it better! Raw Femme developed over an idea to create a line of custom neckties for women to wear proudly, with style and grace. Turning the tables to where this time, it was your boyfriend asking to borrow your tie. Over time, Raw Femme became a stand for women everywhere, with a story to tell. Not just a clothing line, but a society that brings ambitious and strong women together. Collaborative of music, networking tool, and revolution! I want to welcome all women with a love for the arts to join this movement. Let's change the world, one tie and pair of heels at a time.

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