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This is food made by myself, my friends, my family and places I go. I am inspired by my mother, my aunts and my grandmother. I like taking photo's. Every picture you see here is taken with my iPhone camera, and a little darkroom magic. Every picture taken is raw and unplanned so to speak. All the food featured is something I have just made, or someone has just made and I am about to eat, or will eat. I have captured food as and when during the week. No food was made on purpose. This is real life. This is my life. I love food. I adore eating.

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    1. Rustic Apple Tart With Hemp Seed Crumb Topping
    2. Grilled Baby Artichokes With Chimichurri
    3. Roasted Carrots With Creme Fraiche & Za'atar & Roasted Plums With Honey & Whipped Cream
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    La Tartine Gourmande

    1. August 16-17: a food styling and photography workshop in Brooklyn with Sunday Suppers
    2. In May we celebrate
    3. Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Baja California, Mexico