AA Kinal


I’m a Polish/Canadian fashion artist working and creating in Los Angeles. I have worked as a designer, creative director, photographer, stylist, graphic designer and marketing media director. AA Kinal is a site where I create and share my discoveries, curiosities and thoughts on fashion, art, design, architecture, travel, my fondness for femme fatales and fascination with everything from the 1920′s and 30′s. Most of my photos are taken by my wonderful husband. The name – AA Kinal is an abbreviation of my full name – Adrianna Aleksandra Kinal. AA Kinal is also the name of my jewelry line.

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    Fashion Squad

    1. McQ Camel Coat
    2. Leopard coat
    3. Burgundy & blue
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    Wendy's Lookbook

    1. Toronto :: Tiered ruffle dress & Soft vest
    2. Borrowed from the Boys :: Raw edge blazer & Casual stripes
    3. Superhero :: Cape blazer & Peplum corset