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  1. Mother's Day is coming up. HELP! What do I get the woman who has everything? I know you might get questions from readers who are new mothers, but I want to do something special for my own mother other than send her flowers. She travels a good bit for her job, so I was thinking of some useful travel accessories, but I can definitely use some advice. Jewelry is always good, and she wears it, but I've kind of been there, done that with jewelry. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?
    I love going with the travel accessory thing! How about a pair of foldable flats (like these...
  2. Hi Jaclyn - I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my family is hosting my baby shower in a few weeks. Between all the baby prep (crib buying! choosing a color palette! registering!) I'm feeling overwhelmed and not completely in the mood to shop for a baby shower dress. I'm looking for something stylish, probably solid (yet spring appropriate!) colored (although I'd love to wear spring florals, everything I see tends to look like a muumuu), looks good with nude heels, and less than $100. Know of anything?
    Yay! Let’s start with actual maternity dresses and then look for stretchy jersey dress styles...
  3. Hi Jaclyn, I'm a long time follower and always appreciate your responses to your reader's questions. I'm wondering if you could do a post about bras. I've been loving all of the summer dress and tank options you've been posting lately, particularly those with delicate straps and/or low backs, but for many of these, regular bras, strapless bras, or even racer back bras just aren't going to work. It's rare that I see someone looking cute with visible bra straps. What are people wearing??
    I got a few questions similar to this yesterday (probably sparked from posting this dress)....
  4. Hey Jaclyn! I'm a such a big fan of your blog and I have a question for you! I'll be working at a PR firm over the summer, and I'm pretty much working from the ground up in starting a work wear wardrobe that is summer appropriate. The dress code is conservative with very casual fridays. I'm 20, so I'm always walking the thin line of dressing too young or looking like I'm going for something too mature. Do you have any ideas? Thanks so much! :)
    Hey! I definitely get your dilemma. I think your best bet (especially considering you’ll be...