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  1. Hey Jaclyn! I'm a such a big fan of your blog and I have a question for you! I'll be working at a PR firm over the summer, and I'm pretty much working from the ground up in starting a work wear wardrobe that is summer appropriate. The dress code is conservative with very casual fridays. I'm 20, so I'm always walking the thin line of dressing too young or looking like I'm going for something too mature. Do you have any ideas? Thanks so much! :)
    Hey! I definitely get your dilemma. I think your best bet (especially considering you’ll be...
  2. Long time listener, first time caller! The old high-waisted legging jeans / skinny jeans i wore have been discontinued and I'm on the lookout for new wardrobe staple to buy in multiple washes (a summer light blue and a true blue to start). Any ideas on where to look for moderately priced ones? (Note: I have declared Uniqlo Ultra Stretch a FAIL after wearing them a handful of times caused the waist to stretch 2 - if note 3 - sizes). :(
    There are two brands that make my favorite high-waist denim: AE’s High-Rise Jegging - This...
  3. Hi Jaclyn! I am returning to work full time after 3 years off of traveling, freelancing and maternity leave. I'm sure you can imagine the state of my wardrobe. I need some great quality basics to get me back into the 9-5 groove. The office dress code allows for jeans and more casual wear. I am 5'11 and have always struggled finding blouses and bottoms that work for me. I also really struggle with building a versatile wardrobe with pieces that can be recombined effectively. Any pointers?
    Love this question! My ultimate versatile wardrobe tip is to decide ahead of time whether you’d...
  4. Hi Jaclyn. Looking for some advice on work bags/totes. I travel extensively for work and am looking for a work bag that has a laptop sleeve/pocket and can hold a bunch of other travel essentials (snacks, folders, small toiletry bag. So bigger than a traditional laptop bag). I'm having trouble finding something that doesn't look like a regular old laptop bag, because I'd like this to be fashionable enough to use on the weekends as well. Would prefer to have a crossbody strap too. Thanks so much!
    This was trickier than I thought it would be! It’s getting harder to find bags with built-in...