Jeannine Morris is an on-air expert and the Founder of BeautySweetSpot.com where she dishes the most coveted celebrity secrets, while providing informative beauty, style, health and fitness tips. Recently named one of the top beauty and style bloggers in the world by Glamour magazine, Jeannine began her writing career at Cosmopolitan and now writes and edits iVillage.com, Glamour.com and DailyGlow.com. She’s also part of Glamour’s Young & Posh blogger network and contributes personal style posts to Glamour.com weekly. Jeannine’s worked as a Spokesperson and has participated in campaigns with mass and prestige brands such as StriVectin, Coach, Elizabeth Arden, Shape magazine, Ralph Lauren, Glamour magazine, Flirt! Cosmetics, Vaseline, RapidLash, Silhouette and DKNY, to name a few. Her authoritative voice in beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity has given Jeannine the opportunity to appear on the Emmy red carpet for the E! channel and has made her a resident expert on broadcasts airing on E! News, NBC, FOX, CBS, BetterTV and LXTV.

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