Clothe the Tiger


21 year old soul In our society, people do judge a book by its cover. Your style is something for them to look at. Nature dazed, carnivore, lover of equality, and distaste for cigarettes. My style is very simple. I cut up old t's, wear a lot of black and grey. Metal, leather, and bulk attract to me. I combine the trash of clothes with the class of brands. I don't mind rips or tear. I post too many posts, I write with incorrect structures, and I have too many photos of my cats. I am posting my outfits, my thoughts, my interests, and any day photos. Browse at own risk :3

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    The Sartorialist

    1. On the Street…..Somerset House, London
    2. On the Street….Somerset House, London
    3. Chelsea Flea Market As Seen On The Sartorialist Instagram
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    1. Gala Gonzalez
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