Like many other students, I live in the student ghetto. The house I live in and what most other students live in is not the best of conditions. Most of the time us students are living in a dorm or a rental and the options of redecorating is limited, but I'm here to share how to make the best of these situations in fun and crafty ways keeping in mind a tight budget!! The crafts are a mix of my own work or other crafts I find online! Also I will share with you my favourite artists and other random images of inspiration! Visit my blog www.collegelifediy.com

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    1. Monogram Duffle Bag
    2. Fruit Wedges
    3. Jeweled Cap
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    Thanks, I Made It

    1. DIY Fishbone Earrings
    2. Inspiration: Fish Bone Chain
    3. DIY Statement Earring Kit-- The Tutorial