I am alice, fashion designer, 24 years old, currently live in Milan. I personally created this blog to establish the concept of Fashion in people's mind. This blog tries to recreate the atmosphere we live here in Milan and wish to become an online platform in which outfitters, designers, fashion addicted share their looks all around the world. On alicescarmagnan.tumblr.com you can discover colours, details, textures to inspire you, to be updated on new trends, to mix and matches the most powerful ideas and to become wow too!! I took the photos published with my Canon EOS 600D, during the Milan Fashion Week, getting the most fabolous outfits for you! Fashion is creativity, powerful colors and prints, is a stylish attitude, but most of all fashion is you, your personality in your clothes and accessories! What can I say more.. Like, Follow, Share, Comments, and TRUST in Fashion !! Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Fashion is with thee !!

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    Wendy's Lookbook

    1. Double Ruffles :: Printed top & Zigzag skirt
    2. Favorites :: Cropped utility jacket & Little Sammie
    3. Lacy :: Crepe lace dress & Scarlet details
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    Walking In Heels

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