Fuck yeah Penetration
23. Female. North West United States. NSFW. 18+ only. Just pictures of actual penetration, since that is what turns me on the most. All Pictures rebloged, will not take credit for any. Will take tmi questions all day every day ;P and submissions are welcomed.
  1. Hi! I enjoying scrolling through your blog. I've been thinking about how to make sex fun for my girlfriend lately since she can be so stressed out with school. Some of the advice posts are helping me flesh out some ideas. It makes me happy to see someone being okay with talking about sex by giving kind, comfortable experiences and thoughts. Maybe I appreciate your blog because I enjoy the posts or it's just that I'm quite mesmerized by the background. Anyway, I appreciate all of it. =]
    Aww thanks I’m so glad to hear that. I always love getting messages like these, they make me...