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    2. Starting the year right
    3. Learning to be more committed to our kids than to our educational ideals
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    1. Eating! The fluid came down enough that they are comfortable letting him eat a no- to low-fat diet again. (Keeping fats minimal keeps the lymphatic drainage clear, which might make it easier for his body to reabsorb the fluid on its own. It's not a long-t
    2. The side view. These are some substantial piggies for a 7 month-old. It's kind of like having a miniature 2.5 year-old, minus the talking and walking part.
    3. Laki enjoyed designing t-shirts using fabric paint this afternoon. He made one for himself and one for Finn. His fluid output has reduced even more. Food might happen soon. He will be blissed out by its reintroduction. It's been a week since he's had anyt