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I hope this can be a place where all Topless Tuesday, bottomless Wednesdays, Masturbation Monday etc photos/Videos are posted/reblogged/submitted from varies different blogs all around Tumblr only. Appropriate Credit(s) will always be given. Any photo(s) which you find uncomfortable or want to be taken down, please don’t hesitate to PM me, it will be immediately taken down. :) You don’t necessarily have to be naked either haha. Adults Only (18+) please- If there are any underage, please leave asap or I shall block you if I find out. No copyrights, all photos here are reblogged or submitted. There will certainly be no underage photo(s) here at all. This blog has just recently started…so please be patient! ;)

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    1. You can tell this girl is a total freak
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    i reblog tits

    1. i-gabby:Finally tan, score.
    2. i-suckseed:Okay sorry for the face spam but this is the last...
    3. taquitotishiqua:i expect lotz of tits on my dashboard today...