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Nothing really matters when I’m with Him. A 17-year-old LIACOM student from the Philippines. Minding her own business, in search of the love of my life, and still reaching for her dreams ♡ ♡ ♡

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    Raquel Mallillin

    1. hi raquel. what product do you use on your brows? so ganda kasi. hehe thank you :)
    2. Hi ate Raquel. I tried baking cupcakes some weeks ago, okay naman yung cupcakes kaya lang the problem was the icing :( It's not tall enough :( Ang pandak tuloy tignan nung cupcakes haha. And parang nagmemelt siya ng konti. Hoping you could help me with this. :) Btw ate you insipire me a lot. Kasi parang you manage your time really well, you have your acads, 3 online shops, org, team 360, internship, love life, friends and family. :)
    3. Arrrgh I'm from Ateneo as well and I knew about your blog even before I entered the university. Same feeling about the school :( I dont know how to explain it but it feels like there's something wrong :(( Not a question whatsoever, I just felt like I need to say it haha.
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    A Plus B in the Sea

    1. Question Time
    2. Overseas: April Day, Edinburgh
    3. Outfits: Down in Hipstertown
  1. Hi Yam. Paano kapag may manliligaw ka for almost 2 years na pero sa loob ng halos 2 years na yun mahal mo na rin pala yung lalake. Kaso nung nag-iisip ka nang sagutin siya e bigla niyang ibabalita sayo na sa US na siya mag-aaral. Itutuloy mo pa ba o wag na lang? Ang hirap kasi alam ko sa sarili ko hindi para sakin yung LDR.

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