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Nothing really matters when I’m with Him. A 17-year-old LIACOM student from the Philippines. Minding her own business, in search of the love of my life, and still reaching for her dreams ♡ ♡ ♡

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  1. Its sad that you've gotten used to being heartbroken. Mas maganda na sabihin nalang natin na you're just stronger now. Alam mo, i don't know you in rl, but feel ko na you're beautiful inside and out. And a man who's stupid enough to let a girl like you go, well, kawawa naman siya. You'll find someone who'll see you and treasure you the way you deserve to be. Use this time to grow as a woman after God's own heart, Yam. He'll love you like no other can and siya, never kang iiwanan. Stay strong.