Designing Around

Hi, I’m Kathryn. Or Kat. But not Kathy, please. Designing Around is about working with what you have, whether you’re engaging in home renovations, furniture rearranging or simple homemaking. I, personally, like a design challenge. Or perhaps I’ve just learned to like them, as our charming 1923 bungalow was clearly built by drunk squirrels. To combat this, and the realities of a small, old home with a modern family of four, I rearrange the furniture here almost constantly. I’ve spent years working around the challenges of our century old home, slowly renovating our small bungalow on a budget, finding ways to make this crazy house, where nothing is built to any sort of code and there are almost no closets, modern and family friendly. I design around narrow living spaces, a complete lack of storage, low ceilings, surprising building structures, a house in which nothing is level or square, active, growing children and general life. And I bet you do too. - See more at: http://designingaround.com

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