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    1. I'm supposed to be writing a creative nonfiction piece (2-3pgs) for school this week. And I'm having a really difficult time. I enjoy fiction pieces but find it difficult to search in myself for personal opinions or nonfictional events. I'm struggling for inspiration and need your help! D:
    2. That was exactly what I was asking! Sorry, I should have been more clear, I just didn't want to sound too demanding. If that makes any sense. I've been looking all over for pictures to help inspire me, but I'm getting pretty much the same pictures, just in different places. I was hoping for a little help, that's all. And thanks so much for the reply, I don't think I've had an ask answered so quickly!
    3. It'd be really cool to find some pictures to help inspire me to keep writing a story that I've kind of abandoned. Looking through pictures that match the plot- dystopian/utopian societies, a girl with black hair and blue eyes, a boy with brown hair and green eyes, anything relating to a future society, really- put some life back into the story for me. Got anything that might help?
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    1. Still Writing (Almost) Every Day
    2. Link(s) of the Month: Submissions Without Duotrope
    3. Upcoming Deadlines: Black Apples, Sword and Mythos, Spellbound