Our Neck of the Woods

Our crazy journey from city to country all started with eight fuzzy baby chicks delivered in the mail one hot summer day in August. They sparked our interest in getting back to a simpler way of living and learning where our food comes from. Our half acre lot in the city just wasn’t big enough for all we wanted to do with the land, so we made a decision to go for our dream and moved out to the country on 20 wooded acres. Follow along as we city folk try to make it in the country!

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    Homestead Revival

    1. Brite Tap Chicken Waterer
    2. Welcome to the Myers
    3. Welcome To The World Little Ones!
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    Retired and loving it

    1. Would you like my autograph?
    2. Touching Base
    3. Greyhound, Grandkids and Gadabout!!!