So Tough! So Cute! + Too Cute To Puke


So Tough! So Cute! is a club night based in London and Malmö. We put on club nights and share mixtapes with boys in pinstriped shirts and girls in cherry red Dr Martens who pogo in their bedrooms, in front of the mirror, even when their mums are at home. The music policy is primarily Indie Pop, Girl-Groups, Sixties Soul, C86 and Post-Punk with bits of DIY, Swedish Indie, Ska and Garage Punk thrown in for good measure. Too Cute To Puke is our little sister night where we only play Femme fronted bands. We've played records at lovely clubs How Does It Feel To Be Loved, Twee As Fuck, Upset The Rhythm, London Popfest, Dance Magic Dance, Big Pink Cake and Baby Honey in the UK as well as in most major cities in Sweden. club.sotoughsocute(a)gmail.com All flyers made by Daniel Novakovic

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