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An eclectic mix. Just like life is.

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Becca Morris

20, fashions student and blogger

The Thread at VAUGHAN

The Thread | women's fashion, styling and more from VAUGHAN, silk shirt specialist. We celebrate women, whiskey and killer accessories.

Erin Hopkins

n i n e t e e n . part time echidna | part time vlogger | full time vege | graphic design apprentice


Creator State of Mind Cooperating with Bloggers on sharing their passionate art of living and monetize their content @www.shopnetic.com connect forQ&A: [email protected]


Founder and Blogger of Fashion Replay. Always gazing into a historic window. Passionate about all things Fashion and Interior Design.

Nicole Cortes

Industrial Designer/ XXV/ Runner/ Concepción, Chile

Tammy wilson

I am Tammy Wilson a fashion, beauty and Lifestyle blogger from South Africa. I will be launching my new site very soon.. Enjoy reading . xxxx

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