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An eclectic mix. Just like life is.

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My blog is a Beauty and Fashion blog dedicated to writing reviews, updates on fashion and beauty trends and overall hoping to help others with my opinions and views!


I like Bloglovin'!

Jovana Zuka

Styling / Phototaking / Curating

Margeline Thomas

Mother, blogger and creative specializing in digital marketing, branding and web design. Founder and editor of MT83Mag, a digital lifestyle magazine for women & modern motherhood.

Siddharth Singh

NatUrAlLy & ArTiFiCiAlLy FlAvOuReD....@_@

oliver Templar-James

Every months new luxury hotels review, spa review and gourmet review. We review the best in main cities for avid travellers.

Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design

Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design was established in the year 1992 with the sole aim of offering quality education http://www.hamstech.com/

Franck Wang

If you hope to promote my website/product/share my blog on your blog with compensation, please contact me at: jlw484@hotmail.com

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