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An eclectic mix. Just like life is.

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Nieves Sayre

European fashionista with a touch of American and Asian style


My blog: http://newoutfitfashionblog.blogspot.ba/


I'm 19 years old. Uni student. Blogger. bookish. Cat lover. Friend. Recovery warrior

Yolanda Wright

Style Sista- A simple little blog relecting my love for fashion, cultivating style-a fluid process of course😍, and not to mention my love for shopping.

Tara Glasco

Performer, Mastermind, Social Entrepreneur, Political Activist, Paper slapper. I don't believe in showers.

Lorene Sletten

ESL Professor Santa Ana College and an avid user of technology with all levels of ESL and High School students

Julia Horton

Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

Rosalia Harris

human resources, start ups, technology, small business, subject matter expert, support, consult, educate

Phillip Coleman

You become what you believe.

Monika Dubuc

cats, food, music, books.

Tracy Pagan

Agricultural Technicians

Nicola Rodriguez

Brattice Builders

Jayme Cowley

You can't handle the truth!

Jeanne Busey

Im an ECE Student, a Freelance Model, a Financial Advisor at PhilAm Life and an Events Organizer at Spring Events and Productions


Hi! I am a director and designer living in Berlin, blogging about Fashion, OOTDs, Lifestyle and Travel.

Career Ms

Lesson in life from a career girl.

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