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Diary of a Vintage Girl

Pinup model Fleur de Guerre's vintage style blog, packed with colourful photos, makeup and hair tips, shopping guides and much more.
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I love 50's inspired clothing & cats. Lots of cats.

Nataya Anindira

aka Chachamisu aka Chacha aka Nchan /32/ Indonesian in Austria. I like sightseeing, strolling, browsing, thrifting, window shopping and i have a bunch of photos including style my self and pose :)


Lifestyle, fashion, travel and arts blogger, studying English at UCL.


The life of a twenty something farm girl...

Anjuli Symone

I'm a half cup of vintage, a sprinkle of modern, and a whole lot of crazy.

Princess ChavRav

fashion, gaming, DIY and decor blogger/reviewer. I love receiving suggestions of projects to try. My goal is to reach 1,000 followers here and 5,000 on my twitter @princesschavrav please help :)

Jasmine Watts

I am the Editor-in-Chief at Miss Millennia Magazine and I love finding new blogs that help millennial women succeed!

Cafe Cha Cha Vintage

My little vintage shop on Etsy: cafechacha.etsy.com


Hair Colorist. Perfumista. Nail polish enthusiast. Cinephile. Angelino. Crazy dog lady.


College student, YouTuber, Blogger, and Social Media lover who lives for fashion, makeup, and exciting adventures.

Lauren Blair Bush

Fashion blogger! I specialize in vintage, vintage inspired, class/ladylike looks, plus I have a huge obsession with heels and handbags!

Those Words She Wrote

Maker of pretty things, wearer of dresses, MoominMama to two kitties, lover of history, writing, words, old stuff & member of #TheLadyWritersSociety


I love all things vintaged and vintaged inspired and spend as much time as possible using both original designs as well as my vast collection of vintage patterns to create vintage inspired creations

Samantha Smith

A lifestyle blogger with a passion for creative writing and reading fairytales.


Asalamulakum! (Peace be upon you) My name is Zahra and I'm 19 years old and I’m currently a full time undergrduate, part time blogger and self-confessed crazy cat lady.

Trunk of Dresses

Curated Vintage Shop & Blog www.trunkofdresses.etsy.com


Pagan, writer, vintage lover; former mentalist, eternal feminist.

Miss Beta

I'm a crafter that loves the old times. I began my adventure this year of slowly creating my vintage wardrobe. My favourite eras are the late 30s, 40s and 50s.


You will have a chance to win free cloth or Our Affiliate Program (with which you can earn 15% commission from each sale!) For more detail,Please feel free to contact at [email protected]

Kate Livingston

Leeds based blogger

Inspiring Mums®

Melbourne Based Mum of 2, Heather James, ProBlogger & Travelpreneur at Inspiring Mums® Motherhood, Lifestyle & Travel Blog, where Mums Smile & Shine® #inspiringmums

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