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The Singular

Fashion designers, models and celebrities captured in unique moments with a polaroid camera.
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Maria ♡

Fashion editor at uastylishreport.blogspot.com

Charmain Lodge

Hi my name is DJ charmain i have been DJing for 13 years and I lov it.I have my own show on sw1radio every Tuesday 1till 4pm tunin!

Holly Brooke

Obsessive style searching, endless list making, wanderlust strawberry shortcake. Joie de vivre, always!

Maeve Walker

i love learning about music, beauty, art & crafting.


My Closet Life is founded on the principle of self-expression through fashion with an emphasis on everyday style that is not only wearable, but comfortable... with a little satire on the side!


Street Style Fashion in Bucharest, Romania

Pleuni de Zeeuw

Bloglovin' doesn't update my blogs?! Click on the link and directly go to my blog! Love X

Kate's Beauty Station

I blog about all things beauty related, with a hint of fashion and lifestyle thrown in for good measure. I also have a youtube channel which you can find at http://youtube.com/katesbeautystation

Zoe Georgiadis

Architecture student and style blogger from South East London, studying in Sheffield.

Holly Eliza Temple

I'm a student and aspiring fashion writer :) follow my blog for fashion and beauty articles , and occasional personal musings x

Modeflüsterin Stephanie

Künstlerin, Mode-Begeisterte und PR-Profi. Auf meinem Blog "Die Modeflüsterin" gibt es Figur- und Stil-Tipps für Frauen, die sich eine perfekte Grundgarderobe aus zeitlosen Basics aufbauen wollen.


Trying (failing) to master the art of brevity, I do really cool things.

Amirul Idham Shah

C V R // C V R ( read as cover to cover) is a fashion site based in Singapore for both men and women, written by men and women so you know we're right about most things.


Follow The Blog for Everything CHAMUCO


Navigate The Crazy World Of Online Shopping! Designer Looks For Less!

William Cain

My mother won an Academy Award for a movie called Lili with Leslie Caron she did the puppet work.Ever since then i have loved the "ARTS" www.williamcain.com

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