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little reminders of love

Thoughts and rambles of a University of Kansas alumna and former au pair. Smitten aunt. Collector of words. A wannabe royal biographer. And when feeling particularly brave—a red lipstick wearer.

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Follow my Blog. It's a happy place. My mission is making you smile. Smilebac and make others smile too.


I make a lot of movie references.

A standard of living

Trying to maintain a high standard of living on a reduced budget http://astandardofliving.blogspot.co.uk/

Layla Guest

There is thunder in our hearts.

Sarah Coe

pretty things + unflattering pictures of my fat cat + decorating my apartment. Seeking inspiration and trying to learn about the blogging world after a few years of being a lurker blogger.

LaTonya Roberts

You and me both...we're going to succeed. I'm here to give you that motivation, that push, that passion, that feeling of being alive. Go ahead and follow. I'm here.


Please take a minute to follow the profile of my blog too. THANK YOU!! :) --http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/10389197/the-hamdi-talk


Hi! I'm Margarita and I blog about life on the West Coast. I'm a wife and mother of two, I blog about my personal life, style, parenthood and achieving a minimalist outlook on life.


A Dreamer|Off to Make Things Happen|Hoards Music|Adores Art|A Fledgling Photographer|Uber Proud Filipino|Currently on a Transformation Mode, but kept STILL by Someone Up There. BLOG comin' up!

Abi Downing


Ye Jades

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