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    the adventures of jolly goode gal

    1. I've Moved!
    2. It's that time of year - AWBU!
    3. Renters, Week 2 Begins
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    The Family Room Design Studio

    1. Local Client Project Reveal: Not So Girly Girl Teen Bedroom
    2. Local Client Project Reveal: Baby Girl Nursery
    3. Client Project Reveal - Midlake Basement Project - Colorful & Family Friendly Design
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    The Glueless Scrapbook

    1. REN Rosa Centifolia Express Makep Up Remover
    2. Simply Dip Nail Polish Remover
    3. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
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    The Magic of Words

    1. Review: The Jewel by Amy Ewing
    2. Review: A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
    3. ▂ ▄ ▇ Opposite Book Tag ▇ ▄ ▂
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    The Mango Boys and Me

    1. Festive Friday: Christmas Greetings
    2. Fusion: Joyous Noel
    3. Time Out: Merry & Bright
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    The Paris Blog: Group Blog about Paris, France

    1. Eh ben…
    2. An English-Language Theatre Festival
    3. A Rose is Arose
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    @thesartorialist RSS | Webstagram

    1. Walt Disney Concert Hall in the middle of the bright day sunlight, Los Angels Designed by Frank Gehry this building reflects light in such an incredible way that it totally freaks out the light meter in the iPhone but to a wonderful result
    2. The Barber outside his shop, Varanasi The peaceful grace if this image belies the fact that just off frame to either side and behind me were about 100 VERY LOUD school kids trying to see what I was taking a photo of.
    3. At The Gateway of India, Mumbai. I was struck how much Mumbai reminded my of Naples in Italy. It's hard to say why exactly but the vibe is so similar. I could see returning to Mumbai or India every six months for next next few years.
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    The Vintage Housewife

    1. Small business Saturday November 29th
    2. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby CAMPING Chick!
    3. Home made soap! It's cheatin' time!