Old Erotic Art


Images from over the centuries. Welcome to my collection of images from times past. As you can see it’s all NSFW. For a variety of reasons I have avoided providing the Artists name (where known), but if you require the identity of any particular Artist, please drop me a message. I have been asked a number of times, mainly pleasantly, infrequently rather nastily, why I don’t provide the Artists name to the posts, the main reason is I don’t particularly want the results showing up in search engines, I’d rather keep the collection within the tumblr community. Mac

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    Erotica Films

    1. Gary Graver – Private Teacher (1985)
    2. Navred Reef – Playgirls of Munich AKA Munich Madness AKA Stoßtrupp der feuchten Spalten (1977)
    3. Walter Boos – Krankenschwestern-Report aka Nurses Report (1972)