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(Animated) stills of your favorite Korean Girl Group! What more could you ask for? ;) REQUEST AN ICON/GIF/BANNER! Or ask/tell me anything!http://www.formspring.me/SNSDgifshref> Name: Tammy. Gender: Female. Age: (US): 18 / (KRN): 20. Location: USA. Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese & Vietnamese). Language: English. Username on SSF: FieryPhoenix Username on Soompi: FieryPhoenix NOTE: Anything watermarked with “FieryPhoenix” or “PhieryPhoenix Productions” is me. :)

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    1. lookbookdotnu: Spots (by Virgit Canaz)
    2. eachsmallstep: Hurricane Venus Album Photobook
    3. (via flytoheaven)
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    Wonderful Generation | All about Wonder Girls, SNSD and f(x)

    1. f(x)'s Sulli heads to Honolulu, Hawaii for a pictorial!
    2. f(x)'s gorgeous Krystal for the June issue of CeCi Campus Magazine
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