Aged Like Fine Wine

Adult Content 18+ NSFW. If you are under 18 leave now. This blog is a study in mature ladies that I find to be very lovely. I wish to point out that a lady doesn’t have to be a model nor young in order to be sexy and erotic. Sometimes I do find some younger ladies that are absolutely exquisite that I can’t pass up however. All photos are found on the web and therefore considered to be public domain. Should you see a photo that belongs to you and you want it removed please email me a link to it and I will remove it. My email is amphotogmo@gmail.com.

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    El Retablillo Granadino

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    1. En una mesa del Zaidín
    2. Reapertura de la Biblioteca del Zaidín
    3. Un mal día para Granada
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    La Cartoteca

    1. Nuevo mapa geológico de Marte
    2. El mundo y sus vientos
    3. Panoraudio, un mundo de sonidos geolocalizados