Love Male Pubic Hair

For all the lovers of male pubic hair… None of the pictures are mine. They are just pictures that I’ve found online. I take NO credit for any of these photos and if you are looking for re-blog history, please look at the trail (notes) in each photo. NSFW. 18/21+. If you own any of the images I post and would like them removed, please contact me.

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    Nudismo Gay

    1. Casas de ladrillo rojo, teja de barro y jardines - Ideas para arquitectos
    2. Lindos Muñecos de nieve sonriendo
    3. Pequeña cabaña junto a las montañas nevadas
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    1. sorry for the long silence…a week crowded with...
    2. ta-ta for now…
    3. Tico Patterson and Jerry Martel by AMG.