On the pursuit of Happiness

I’ve suffered from anorexia for the past two years, and now I’m just looking to feel comfortable in my own body.I’m obsessed with running, working out, nutrition, and eating healthy. My goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, and become the fit,toned,healthy,and muscular person I aspire to be. Height- 5’1 CW-96lbs LW-85lbs GW- perfect body *I don’t own any of these unless stated* -ask for the progress blog :)

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    A journey to find peace

    1. lovehealth replied to your post: I’m not sure if I will or not, but if … CARLY GNOSIS...
    2. If I ever come back, this is where I'll be
    3. findingthinagain: Okay, I’m done flip flopping. I’m deleting my blog. I’ll leave it up for a few...
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    The Misadventures of Garrett Perrella

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